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Mount Aspiring Pendant

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Material: clear bottle glass  

Length of glass top to bottom: 71mm

Lashing: tan

Cord: adjustable length warm brown

This is from a series of pendants featuring Mount Aspiring and Lake Wanaka. They were done as part of a private commission. The owner loves his, and now we have others for sale here, to everyone who holds Mount Aspiring and Wanaka precious to them.  

Each of these images has been individually hand drawn, cut and sandblasted by Brendon. No two are the same. 

The sandblasting process, done in many stages, is much like a relief carving. Brendon carefully controls the texture, flow, pressure and direction of the sand to get exactly the shape he wants. 

This pieces is cross-lashed in the stye or Maori hei toki, or adzes. Each of the cords are adjustable and are finished with Brendon's signature brass and copper handmade latches.