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Half Round Moonscape in Cobalt Blue

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Material: bottom of a cobalt blue bottle 

Width of glass: 65mm

Cord: adjustable length black waxed nylon cord

This pendant is a gorgeous colour which is unfortunately difficult to photograph in a way that brings out the colour, and the hand-drawn landscape that's been sandblasted into it! There's a night scene with a full moon lighting the snow on the mountains, and a river winding over a plain towards the foreground of the piece. 

The glass has been cut, ground and tumbled into shape from the bottom of a glass bottle. Buzz then applies a block and draws a design into it, then carves it up and sandblasts it, all by hand in his workshop. Each piece is made individually, with the designs carefully mapped out to suit each particular piece of glass. 

The cord is adjustable length and finished with Brendon's signature copper and brass catch.