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Small Three Rings in Blues and Amber

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Materials: cobalt blue glass, vintage beer bottle amber glass, Bombay Sapphire blue glass

Diameter of biggest circle: 52mm

Cord: dark blue 

Brendon cuts slices from the necks and bodies of bottles and tumbles them in beach sand that he has filtered, untill the edges are smooth and round. He then matches them up, carefully fitting sizes and colours together to compose these pendants. 

When you look up close you will see that many of the circles aren't perfectly round - slicing the bottles up like this shows up the imperfections of the glass bottle making process. 

Please check the size of these, as they are between 45-65 mm, which makes quite a difference to the wearer! 

All the cords feature Brendon's trademark copper and brass catch, and are fully adjustable length to be worn either long or short.